What motivates me about being a Big Sky motivator?

I truly believe that to lead a long and fulfilled healthy life, we must move our bodies! The people that show up every day ready to get to work and be proactive about their health motivate me. I love to learn from my fellow instructor’s innovative and interesting ways to challenge clients. I also try to mix up my workout routines as much as possible to keep things dynamic and fun.

I love being a part of something that is contributing to improve a person’s health, strength, and overall quality of life. Fitness is my passion!

How would you describe your style of teaching at Big Sky?

Challenging and fun! I smile a lot! I like to visit and get to know everyone (before and after class of course). During class there will be too much heavy breathing and sweating to visit. I love music; and believe it can mentally and physically push a person past the limitations they place on themselves. I’m very particular with my playlists. I love to incorporate new and old tracks especially 90s. Sorry, but you won’t hear any country in my class. Not sorry.

What is your guilty pleasure?

I have 1 glass of red wine every day, and I cannot say no to truffle popcorn… pretty much anything truffle actually.

Favorite Workout?

Anything that gets the sweat flowing and endorphins pumping. So, running, spin, and any HIIT type workout. I like it fast paced! I also love burpees and push ups – I know it’s weird!

What words or quote sums up your adventure side?

Challenging yourself every day is one of the most exciting ways to live