Fit Boxing & Kick Boxing

The Ultimate Workout

We are very proud to offer our Big Sky Fitness Fitbox/Kick Box program which is one of a kind in Calgary and Western Canada. With the use of the Focus Master G-1000 equipment and the StrikeMaster training program, we provide our members the best of boxing workouts. We will help our participants not only learn how to throw 20 different strikes that help to form the foundation of many striking combinations, we will then help to ensure these movements are executed with the right safety, technique and intensity.

It might take a class or two to find your best striking form but once you get it, our quick 30 minute classes will help you hit and kick your way to better fitness, health and happiness.

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Intro to Fit Boxing

We want YOU to join us for our 30 minute quick FITBOX circuit classes but first we want to make sure that you are properly introduced to our FOCUS MASTER equipment as well as the format of the class and the proper technique of the movements. This will help to make sure that you have both a fun and energized workout as well as are still expending the greatest number of calories in the safest and most efficient way possible.

This 45 minute class will introduce you to the different boxing equipment as well as help to prepare you with how to wrap your hands and choose the proper gloves. Next, we warm up and become familiar with proper boxing stances, movements, strikes, and kicks! AND then we do what we all go to BOX classes to do,,, HIT and KICK and feel strong and powerful and in charge of our physical, mental and emotional fitness! OR,, to hit and kick stuff! POW! Although it is strongly recommended to utilize your own, gloves will be available to borrow.

Duration: 45 minutes

Class Type: Boxing technique, movement mechanics, cardio training, muscular strength and power

Fit Box

Who says you can’t get a great workout in 30 minutes? Not us!! Our 30 minute FITBOX class is perfect for anyone and everyone who wants to get a full body workout for their cardiovascular fitness as well as for all of the other important components of fitness; strength, power, agility, reaction time, balance, co-ordination, accuracy and so much more.

Kick and punch your way to the best physical, mental and social work out you can join! Technique and safety both for your improved fitness level and for injury prevention so we will always support you with the best instruction, body alignment and technical cues possible. And from there it will be all about going for FUN, FIT, HIT and HEALTH!!

Duration: 60 minutes

Class type: interval based cardio and strength training, agility, co-ordination, power

Fit Boxing is changing the way you train

No matter your fitness level, we have a wide variety of classes to help train, tone, and strengthen your body! Prefer to work one on one with one of our trainers? No problem! We can customize a workout regimen that is tailored to your specific needs and goals.