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Big Sky Fitness Studios

Our Big Sky Fitness South Side Facilities are proud to be home to 2 Premier Sanctioned TRX Studios, 2 specialized Boxing Studios and a designated Spin Studio. All three studios are also supplied with high quality equipment used for general group fitness classes such as cardio and core, bootcamp and HIIT style training as well as mind/body and fusion type workouts.

Just like our South Side Clubs, our most newly acquired facility, the Silver Springs Club, will soon be home to a brand new TRX Studio, Boxing Studio, Spin Studio and Mind/ Body Studio. We are proud to provide the height in quality in facilities, studios and staff for YOU, our members, at all three of our Big Sky Fitness Clubs.


Where we TRX, Bootcamp, HIIT, Cardio, Core and More! (Douglas Glen)

Our Ten Peaks studio is named after the majestic Moraine Lake and the surrounding Ten Peaks – could we pick a better environment in which to train? We have added the additional outdoor ambience of original Alberta barn board on our main wall along with rustic malleable washer accents. The natural light shining in to the studio helps to both take stressors of the day away whilst also bringing in the energy of the outdoors.

The centrepiece of our studio is the TRX Structure. Standing at 9.5 feet high, it is home to up to 18 TRX suspension trainers and 4 Rip trainers as well as the varied portable training equipment that we use to invigorate, challenge and sculpt you!

Our studio sound system provides the beats necessary to pump up your workout along with the group fitness leader who will choose music and the great moves to really make your workout an incredible and adventurous experience!


Where we Spin! (Douglas Glen location)

Our Endless Highway Studio is a specifically designed spin studio built for our high energy cycle fans. We have spent time making sure that the best benefits of outdoor riding have made it into our designated cycle studio. And the best thing of all is that these great features can be enjoyed by riders of varying backgrounds. The studio has great air quality, varied lighting, an excellent music system and a beautiful mural consuming one wall to help take you on your journey as you visualize cycling through the outdoors.

We have 24 Lemond Rev-Master Pro bikes ready to ride! All you need to do is show up with either your regular running shoes or cycle shoes (both work with the clips or cages) and from there we will help to make sure that the bike settings are right for you. Each bike has a Pilot 2 computer which can be paired with a heart rate monitor however the class will be taught in a way where perceived exertion and learning how to measure your workload will become key. Therefore, heart rate monitors are great to use for training but are always optional.

This Endless Highway Studio will help you create energy for your today, tomorrow and long-term cycling journey!


Where we Box, Breathe, Bend, flow and Yoga! ( Douglas Glen)

The Cave & Basin studio is our most multi-purpose studio. As soon as you enter you will understand why it is named after the World famous / National historic Hot Springs in Banff Alberta. We have brought this beautiful back yard Banff playground to you to help your mind and body transport as you prepare for the best part of your day, your work out! This studio was designed to accommodate the high tempo / ultimate workout experience of our hugely popular StrikeMaster classes and then turn right around and be able to host our Mind / Body and Functional Movement oriented programs. From high energy, power and action to tranquil, rejuvenation and recovery focused classes. We do it all and so can you!

The cushioned hard wood floor is very supportive for all high impact styles of training and is surrounded by one wall of floor to ceiling old outdoor distressed used brick and on the opposite side, a full- length wall of mirrors. The stepped mid ceilings are rimmed with authentic Alberta barn board and the remaining wall space is covered with a distressed wood treatment that helps set the standard for the best in rustic and energetic environments. UNLEASH YOUR PERSONAL POTENTIAL

Lastly, how can a boxing studio not pay homage to the Greatest Boxer Ever?! Proudly displayed on the entry/exit wall is our full wall shrine to Muhammad Ali in one of his most iconic poses. We want you to work out in this great studio and be reminded of his great words and how they can impact you and your fitness journey “If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it – then I can achieve it.” ― Muhammad Ali. We believe our Cave & Basin studio will provide you with the ability to conceive it, believe it and achieve it, whether it be a great boxing work out or the restful and rejuvenating experience of the hot springs that comes with a mind/body class.