Club Decontamination


Big Sky will be going above and beyond the AHS recommended General Relaunch Guidelines:


  • 3 meters distancing within the club for all activities


Our normal club occupancy level is 250 people, including staff.

With the above mentioned Social Distancing guidelines, occupancy in each area of our club (Studios / Cardio deck / Main Training floor / Turf) will vary, hour to hour.

We will continuously be monitoring each studio class and all other areas to ensure that the 3m distancing is being applied. Social Distancing parameters are being met and that will guide us, on how many members may be present at one time (in the various areas of the club).

Should you ever have any concerns, please reach out to our Member Services desk and they will record your concern and pass it along to the Management Team.


  • All members will be asked to review the recommended AHS Screening checklist, upon arrival for each workout.
  • Masks will be required in all areas of the club except when working out. Medical mask exemptions will require a doctor's note.

If you do not want to answer these questions, or wear a mask, you will be denied access to the club – no exceptions or negotiation. Should you answer “Yes” to any questions, we will assist you with the next steps;

  • When each member checks in, for the first time, we will need to update your contact information. To confirm phone numbers and email addresses to ensure we have the most comprehensive contact tracing database possible, for all our member’s safety.
  • BSF has purchased individual Electrostatic Disinfectant Sprayers for each club. In the 4-level decontamination spectrum – all our clubs will be now be:
    Level 1 - Clean
    Level 2 - Sanitized
    Level 3 - Disinfected

    We won't be doing Level 4 - Sterilized since we do not offer surgery procedures.

  • We have always employed full-time “Clean Teams” at our clubs but now we will be raising the bar. Each day, we will be electrostatically disinfecting all the high use touch points of the clubs and 50% of the remaining areas. Meaning each club will be completely disinfected every 2 to 3 days.

And there’s more:

  • All our staff will be wearing face masks at all times.
  • All staff will have their temperatures taken prior to their shift.
  • All Personal Trainers will be wearing masks when on the floor training, at all times;
  • In order to maintain the social distance guidelines – we will be marking certain equipment/lockers etc. as “non-usable” for the current time, and until thresholds are relaxed. Please adhere to these “Not to be Used” signs;
  • We will be marking certain areas of the gym for specific use – please respect these signs;
  • Before our clubs re-open they will individually be electrostatically disinfected from top to bottom – every surface, nook & cranny, and piece of equipment will be disinfected and spotless;
  • Fountains will be eliminated but we will offer water bottle fillers – Members should start bringing their own water bottle;
  • Showers are open;
  • Steams and Saunas will remain closed at this time;
  • Clubs will post all the social distancing information that you will need to follow;
  • We will have sanitizing stations throughout the club – At each entry and exit; shoe change area; within each studio; within each changeroom and a couple of larger stations throughout the main training and cardio areas;
  • Additionally, should you desire, upon checking in, you will be able to receive your own sanitizing bottle and wipe down cloth to be used during your workout and then deposited into the “quarantine” bin, prior to leaving the club.

Big Sky Fitness takes your health and the decontamination process seriously.  Please let us know if you have any questions or ideas on how we can deliver a better experience.