Group Fitness Class Guidelines

  1. Physical Distancing:
    • With adherence to the physical distancing guidelines, we will be decreasing the number of participants allowed in each of our classes. Each of the spaces has been measured and mapped out for the different styles of classes so that program planning can be done accordingly.
    • The approximate number of participants will be determined for each group fitness space and a marker on the floor will denote each specific location where a participant will work for that entire class. Our fitness leaders will communicate to their participants the importance of them to work from and within their designated space whilst always maintaining the necessary distance from other participants.
    • Our Group Fitness leaders will also have a designated teaching space, will arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of the class and will not make physical contact with participants, therefore, ensuring that they also follow the physical distancing requirements.

  2. Equipment Use and Sanitization
    • Prior to the class, each participant station will be set up with the required equipment that will be utilized for the class. All equipment will be sanitized by BSF staff prior to the start of the class however there will be supplies available if participants wish to do additional cleaning. Upon completion of the class, participants will be instructed to leave all their equipment in its same location and continue to vacate the GF studio/ space so that the entire area can be fully sanitized by our BSF clean team.
    • Interval based classes will still be offered however will all be taught in a single station format ensuring that the sharing of equipment does not happen.
    • Portable equipment for the fitness classes will be provided by BSF with the exception of the following items:
    • Yoga mats
    • Boxing gloves/wraps
    • Heart Rate Monitors
    • These items will be made available for sale at the front desk
  3.  Masks
      • Masks will be worn by our Group Fitness Leaders for the time leading up to and then following the completion of the class. During the teaching of the class, leaders will be taking off their masks and will ensure the physical distancing guidelines are followed.
      • The wearing of masks by participants is up to the decision of each individual. There is some evidence to suggest that wearing a mask during high-intensity activity could have some negative health effects. Please refer to the Alberta Biz Connect website to access more information regarding the wearing of masks during exercise.

  4. Class schedule
    • The revised class schedules for both our Douglas Glen and Silver Springs clubs are being developed and will be slightly different to accommodate some of the changes required by our new regulations. In order to allow for proper sanitization of all equipment and spaces, there will be an increased time between classes.

  5. Class Registration
    • Signing up for classes will be mandatory. If you are not registered for a class we will not be able to accommodate you for that specific session.
    • All classes will be listed on the Big Sky Fitness App as well as the website and members can book a spot in class up to 7 days in advance.
    • Participants will be required to check-in at the front desk and complete a pre-screening questionnaire before further entry into the facility is granted.
    • Members will be required to sign up for classes at least 2 hours prior to the start of the class.
    • At this time there is no set maximum number of classes a member can book in per week however if numbers dictate that such a policy needs to be mandated, we will set a maximum of 3 classes per week.
    • Participants must cancel a class booking no less than 2 hours prior to the class start time.
    • Failure to show up for a class will be tracked and will result in a potential loss of class booking privileges (3 strikes).

  6. Class Attendance
    • Arrive for your class at least 5 minutes prior to the start time. Participants who arrive late will not be granted access to the class. We recognize in the past we have accommodated participants into classes who have both arrived late and/or have not been registered in our system however we are no longer able to serve members in this way.
    • Upon arrival, you will have access to a hand sanitization station.
    • All classes will be taught in a single station format with no equipment being shared amongst the participants.
    • Participants will proceed to the designated station that will be pre-set with the proper equipment and spatial distance requirements for the specific class. All equipment and areas will have been sanitized prior to the participant’s arrival.
    • The GF leader will also be positioned in a stationary teaching location and will only break the physical distancing regulation as a need to address an emergent situation. If this is to happen, the proper PPE will be applied before the leader makes contact with any participant.
    • Upon completion of the class, all participants will be asked to vacate the area and leave their equipment to be cleaned and removed by the BSF clean team.
    • As much as we would love for our members to “hang out” and socialize, we will require that following all class participants vacate the area and facility as expediently as possible. Please do your visiting outside whilst still maintaining your safe, physical distancing!

Thank you to all our Members, Participants and Big Sky Fitness Staff for helping to make the attendance of our classes a fun, fit and successful experience! Things may be a bit different however we will all still help make sure that everyone gets a great workout and enjoy their class!