Spin Strong

Experience the LeMond Difference

“The LeMond RevMaster gives you an exceptional workout. Every component of this bike has been built to be more innovative, more comfortable and more durable than any other group cycling bike available. I wouldn’t accept anything less – for myself – or for my customers.”

Greg LeMond
Tour de France Champion, Founder LeMond Fitness

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Spin Strong

Join us for a great spin workout that focuses on technique, proper form, safety and getting the best cardiovascular ride an hour can provide. Get physically and mentally strong with all of the varied types of drills trained in this class. This class is for all levels of riders so come prepared to grow your fitness level as you spin strong!

Duration: 60 Minutes

Class type: cardiovascular training, interval based drills

Spin is changing the way you train

Our Endless Highway Studio pays homage to all you die-hard bicycle fiends that pedal, and pedal, and pedal your way each and every session. Our bike of choice – 24 Lemond Rev-Master Pro bikes, each equipped with the Pilot 2 computer to track your main key indicators through your entire spin workout.

With high ceilings, designer damping sound baffles and our motivation wall surrounding you – hop on your saddle and let our Hi-Rev Spin motivator control the Rockin tunes and take you on your escape journey for the next hour!