Mind and Body

Build Flexibility and Strength

Done TRX’ing yourself? Want to take a pit stop from the Endless Highway? Your punch & kick count getting a little high from the StrikeMaster Ultimate workout? Nagging body aches from the glory days? Or just plain old life getting a step ahead of you?

Our series of Mind & Body classes are just the answers you have been looking for!!!

The Core; Deep Stretch; Foam Rolling; and four different types of yoga classes – Yoga – DDP Yoga – Yoga Calm and Yoga for Non-Bendies, will all give your body the restful, yet rejuvenating workout it needs. Focus is to maximize your body’s functional ability to move – so you can lead the active and adventurous life you deserve!

We also offer another variety of very popular body workout classes in this series – The Drill and our Fit & Female – check ‘em out!

Choose one of our specialized Mind and Body classes

Core Conditioning & Deep Stretch

This is a two- part class that focuses on Core Conditioning and Muscle Stretch and Lengthening.

Core Conditioning: Good core strength and stabilization is the foundation for almost everything in life! Join us for this class so that you can not only improve how you look and feel in your core and trunk but also so that you can improve your mobility and range of motion, increase your balance and co-ordination and decrease your injuries or back pain. This class will focus on great core exercises that help to support your best functional movement which in turn will be transferable to both your fitness/ sport performance training as well everyday life! It is never too early or too late to start working on CORE CONDITIONING!

Deep Stretch:  This class is for those people who love the stretch and length aspect of yoga but would like to leave the vinyasas for another day. Make sure that you come to the class already slightly warm so that your group fitness leader can help you get right into some of the positions that lengthen your muscles where you need it most. We all have some body parts that are a bit tighter than others and over time this creates imbalances. This class will help you work on creating better balance in your body as we take the time to reclaim some of the length and range of motion that life seems to steal from us over the years. Whether you can touch your toes or not, this class is for you!

Duration: 30 Minutes/ 30 Minutes

Class Type: Core strength and stability, muscle stretch and relaxation

Journey to your toes

Journey to your Toes is a slower paced Hatha yoga class incorporating both static postures and flowing sequences. It is beneficial for all yoga levels whether you are brand new to yoga or have been practising for years. Modifications and variations will be offered and demonstrated to help support wherever you are on your journey.

Duration: 60 Minutes

Class Type: Muscle strength and endurance, stretch and relaxation, mind and body stress reduction

Mind and Body is changing the way you train