Instructor:  Jolynne Miller


What motivates me about being a Big Sky Motivator?

In this day and age, people are more “in-tune” with their bodies and are wanting to live longer healthier lives.  I truly feel that it is my calling to help people understand that in order to LIVE that longer life, they need to put in some work, get off the couch and get moving … EVERY DAY!  I want to be able to encourage people to never be afraid to step out of that comfort zone and attend a class!  It’s my job to make sure they keep coming back!  Exercise CAN BE and IS therapeutic!


How would you describe your style of teaching at Big Sky?

I definitely push you to not give up!  If there are only 10 seconds left in an exercise, I will motivate you to find that ‘happy’ place and push through it.  It is so rewarding when clients set goals for themselves and me to have a hand in helping them achieve them!  Being a former radio gal, I have a love for music…I like it LOUD and upbeat.  I am an 80’s girl to the core but have an appreciation for almost all genres.  I feel that the louder and more upbeat the music is, the more participants enjoy the workout!


What is your guilty pleasure?

That’s easy!  Wine and Dark Chocolate!


Favorite Workout?

I don’t necessarily have a “favorite”.  I’ve pretty much tried it all!  I just like to be dripping in sweat and feeling like I got my butt handed to me!  I actually like feeling sore from a workout…people might think that is crazy, but to me, it shows that I actually gave it my all!

What words or quote sums up your adventure side?

Challenging yourself to do something you may not be entirely comfortable with is what makes life interesting.  You’ll never know if you like (or don’t like) something if you are too afraid to try!  LIFE IS SHORT!