What motivates me about being a Big Sky motivator?

I truly love helping people. I think I was a born nurturer. I see the best version of yourselves in you! Music!  I will play everything from AC/DC to Pit Bull. Remixes, mashups of songs you’ve never heard, you got it right here!

How would you describe your style of teaching at Big Sky?

Exhilarating, Fun, Intense!  I bring a challenging experience that will keep you wanting more. I see it in you; I will motivate you to go that extra bit further, taking yourself from ordinary to extraordinary.

What is your guilty pleasure? 

Cheese & Wine. CENOSILLICIAPHOBIA: fear of an empty wine glass.

And what is your favorite type of workout that gets your energy going?

I specialize in Spin, TRX, Boot Camp style classes. I will bring your heart rate  up , make you sweat with my motivating , encouraging words that is just going to bring that energy level that much higher.

What words or quote sums up your adventure side?

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda, no way  just Do It.

How can we find you on Facebook?

Just look me up at Perveen Johnson