What motivates me about being a Big Sky motivator?

I love coming to the club every day and seeing like-minded people that care about fitness, nutrition, staying mobile, being athletic and just overall want to stay healthy. I love the atmosphere that is created with such great people all helping to motivate each other. Watching and assisting people to reach their goals, regardless of how small or gigantic the goal, it’s fun to see people accomplish and realize what they are capable of.

I feel like the classes have created our own little community. We all know each other’s names and care about what is going on in each other’s lives.

How would you describe your style of teaching at Big Sky?

My type of class is the type that is always changing. We very rarely do the same class twice. There’s so many different ways to be active and keep moving. Sometimes we utilize the turf with pushing a sled or carrying Kettle Bells to gain cardio. Sometimes we focus on more of a weight day. Other times it’s all cardio and body weight movements.

I try to make each person feel welcome and will stick by them for the first few sessions so that they are not getting lost in any of the workouts. I make class tough!! Therefore long time participants will get a solid workout, but anything can be adaptable to anyone’s capability. Each person will be able to challenge themselves to get the fullest out of each class. I try to pump new and exciting music, as well keeping the oldies but goodies still alive.

What is your guilty pleasure? 

I love mesquite BBQ chips and can smash a pizza with little to no effort!

And what is your favorite type of workout that gets your energy going?

I love doing High intensity workouts! I like getting in, putting in the hard work and getting out. I work a lot on lower body things so that even as I age, playing hockey, I can still fly on the ice.

I recently found out that I love throwing a few punches – against the bag!

What words or quote sums up your adventure side?

Playing hockey and skating is where I am most comfortable.

How can we find you on #Instagram?