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Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster

At Big Sky, we’re committed to helping you achieve the fitness results you’re looking for!

Our certified personal training team use a “results oriented” training methodology to help you see the results you’re looking to keep you inspired!

If you are interested in our affordable, Calgary based Personal Training services, please give us a call, or book an appointment for a confidential consultation.

We will explain to you how you'll be able to achieve your goals, and have the Healthy, Lean and Toned body you deserve.

The tools you need to succeed

It's not just the one-on-one personal training services that we provide to helps you excel,  we also give our personal training *Get up and Go membership package clients these perks:

  • Fitness Assessment

    We assess your current performance, situation, goals and opportunities, and create parameters for success.

  • Monthly program enhancements

    At each monthly check-in, our trainers will assess your progress, and update your success parameters to match.

  • Monthly Body Composition

    During your monthly program enhancement, we will take a new body scan to determine your body fat and muscle composition.

  • Complimentary Workout Plans

    For the days you aren't working with your trainer, we want you to stay on track and work towards your goals with a custom workout plan.

Personal Training - Introductory Packages

Calgary personal training at Big Sky Fitness

6 Sessions - Intro Education Package

$329.00 (reg. $420.00)

12 Sessions - Base Achievement Package

$599.00 (reg. $835.00)

18 Sessions - New Habit Creator

$849.00 (reg. $1,250.00)

Personal Training - Membership Package

Personal training membership at Big Sky Fitness

Get up and Go Membership *

$749.00 (reg. $1,150.00)
  • 3-month unlimited Group Fitness & General Fitness Membership
  • Lifestyle Assessment
  • Pre & Post InBody Scans
  • 6 Personal Training Sessions
  • 3 Month Personalized Workout Program

If you're looking for an amazing membership package that covers all the bases, and gives you the best starting foundation to build on, then Big Sky's Get Up and Go membership package is perfect for starting your health and fitness journey.