September 15th, 2021


Hello Big Sky Fitness Community,

At 6.00 pm this evening, the provincial government held a press conference to address the 4th wave of the current pandemic. Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last 18 months, you will know that this 4th wave has come roaring back since July 1st. Our hospital ICU numbers are at the highest point of the entire pandemic, and our health system is also experiencing unprecedented pressures, cancelled surgeries etc…
There are still 1.2mm Albertans that are not fully vaccinated, and that combined with the much more contagious Delta variant making the rounds for the past 2+ months, and several new ones arising in the past couple of weeks, has resulted in another round of Covid restrictions being mandated by our provincial government.

New Restriction That Pertains to Fitness Industry

Beginning September 20th – Businesses can follow one of 2 options:

  1. Implement the restriction exemption plan, requiring proof of vaccination or a negative rapid test (within last 72 hours) and said business can operate as usual, or
  2. Follow capacity restrictions – 3-meter distancing (1/3 fire limit capacity) Indoor classes NOT permitted, mask bylaw in effect.


  • Effective September 20th, we will be requiring all members to show proof of vaccination, in order to use all club services and classes.
  • If you have only received a single vaccination shot and it has been at least 2 weeks since receiving your shot (September 6th), you are considered vaccinated and able to use all club services. Member will also have to follow current AHS timelines / guidelines, for receiving their second shot.
  • Members will have two ways to provide their proof of vaccination:
    • 1) Email proof of your vaccination to [email protected] Once received, Big Sky will put a Vax note on your member profile, your proof of vaccination will be immediately destroyed, and you are free to use the club and classes as usual.
    • NOTE: Big Sky will NOT be retaining any members proof of vaccination documents.
    • 2) Bring proof of your vaccination into the club, our front desk staff will quickly review and then put the Vax note on your member profile and you are free to utilize all club services as usual.
  • Should you choose to NOT get vaccinated, we will be accepting proof of a negative Covid test, within last 72 hours and you can then use all club services.
  • Should you choose to now get vaccinated, (any time after September 6th) you will have to wait 14 days post vaccination date, before you can use the club services, OR you can show proof of a negative rapid test (which are good for 72 hours) and then use the club until your 14 days, post vaccination date takes effect.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All Big Sky staff will be required to follow the same guidelines as our members.

The Big Sky Team is acutely aware of the divisive nature that choosing to be vaccinated or not has caused within our community.

We respect everyone’s choice to do what they feel is best for them, their family and loved ones.

That said - WE WANT to be fully open and offering ALL our services to our members and the above mandated government guidelines allows this to occur.

As we go forward, it is my humble opinion that “We” are going to have to live with Covid in our society for the foreseeable future. We have all come so far and endured much during the past 18 months and we are grateful to have been able to weather the Covid storm and in fact - Big Sky is proceeding with new and exciting programs, group fitness classes, club reno’s, a new club opening, and upgraded equipment for all clubs.
WE ARE ALL IN for our members, and we will always endeavour to be able to deliver the daily Big Sky experience, in as safe as possible of an environment, for our staff, members and other patrons.

In closing, thank you in advance for working with us, our front desk staff, as we proceed to get all our member profiles updated accordingly. Should you have any questions / concerns, please email me directly at [email protected] and I will personally respond, as quickly as possible, to all inquiries.

Yours in Fitness, Sport & Adventure,


June 28th, 2021


Hello Big Sky Fitness Community,

Firstly, it is SO awesome to see all of you back at the clubs, people smiling, laughing, ribbing the staff, and just plain enjoying being able to get back into your individual routines – All the staff are also glad to be back!!!

While you are working out, you do not need to wear a mask - obviously, should you choose to keep wearing a mask, that is each member’s individual preference.


  • The general disinfectant stations will now once again be available, but WE WILL continue to offer all members, upon checking in, to receive their own individual disinfectant and towel for their workouts – this service will be continued to be offered to our members. NOTE: Once you are done your workout, please just place the bottle and used towel in the respective quarantine stations in each club.
  • Social distancing guidelines will be eliminated, for general training and group fitness classes
  • NOTE: As should be the normal case – should you not feel well – please get checked and be mindful of the rest of the Big Sky members, by refraining from coming into the club until you feel better.
  • If you have booked a group fitness class and cannot make it / do not feel well – please BE SURE TO CANCEL YOUR CLASS SO ANOTHER MEMBER CAN ATTEND.
  • Booking for a workout time / Wait time protocols are now removed.
  • Please continue following all the club signage. They will be updated to reflect the relaxation of most all the pandemic requirements.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: All members choosing to attend a Group Fitness class – you MUST now book your class via the Big Sky app. Should you not know exactly how to do this (: please ask a Member Service Associate at the front desk and they will gladly assist you.

Important Membership Note

  • With July 1st approaching, we will be activating all membership accounts and your previous normal course billings will resume.
  • As you know, with each shut down during the past 16+ months, we immediately froze all member accounts, and then upon each of the three re-openings, we extended a continuation of the complimentary freeze period for all those members that were not yet comfortable coming back to the club, for whatever reason. We felt it was the right thing to do with our members and hopefully it was of assistance to all of you. By the amount of gracious feedback, we have received, it was – Thank you very much!!!
  • Effective July 1st, should you wish to continue your membership freeze, you will have two options: 1) Should your membership allow, you can use whatever remaining time you have for your vacation freeze, or 2) Big Sky offers all members a very generous freeze fee and you may choose this option. Should you have any questions / want to explore this option, please ask a Member Experience Associate at your respective club.

June 8th, 2021

Hello Big Sky Fitness Community,

Late yesterday, it was confirmed that the government 3 stage summer re-opening plan, would move to stage 2, this Thursday, June 10th, and this will now allow Big Sky Fitness to open back up, both of our clubs, beginning at 5.00 am.

The re-opening has some restrictions (detailed below):

  • All members will be required to wear a mask throughout the entire club, other than when working out.
  • Those members claiming an exemption on wearing a mask will have to provide a Doctor’s note, showing proof of exemption.
  • Each member will still receive their own bottle of disinfectant and cleaning towel to use during their workout.
  • There are NO restrictions as it pertains to the level of training intensity.
  • Booking a time for a workout will not be required, however, you may want to book for your Group Fitness (GF) class, as class numbers are restricted with the required social distancing measures.
  • If you are involved in a high-intensity workout/class – No mask will be required.
  • All members must maintain 3m distancing when training / taking a GF class.
  • Depending upon member usage, we may have to go back to our Wait Time procedure that was in place after the second shut down. Please check the front page of our website (, to monitor if the Wait Time procedure is in effect for either club.

Other Important Items to Note

  • We will be allowing any member that wishes, to keep their account frozen until June 30th, with no charges. Upon all restrictions being lifted, we will resume normal course billing for all accounts.
  • Should you wish to keep your account frozen until June 30th, please contact your respective club and they will continue your freeze.
  • If you do not contact the club to have your membership freeze extended, it will be activated on June 10th, 2021.
  • NOTE: Should you have any account inquiries or should a billing have occurred that you are not sure about – PLEASE JUST CALL / COME INTO THE CLUB, and we will be happy to assist you. With all the opening and freezing of accounts over the past 16 months, some issues may have arisen.
  • After June 30th, should any member wish to keep their account frozen, they will have to utilize their annual freeze privileges (if applicable), or they can pay the nominal freeze fee that Big Sky offers all members. Any questions, inquire at your respective club.
  • All Personal Training services will be back to normal. Personal Trainer’s will be wearing masks, clients will not have to, while working out.
  • GF classes will resume on Monday, June 14th, 2021.

Lastly, let us use this time to embrace that we have just about kicked this virus to the curb! That the past 16 months have been challenging for most all of us, has changed our lives and for those that have lost a loved one, our most sincere condolences.

The coming months will allow each person and those affected businesses to begin picking up the pieces and building back better, our daily lives, lifestyles, and favourite things to do (working out(: ).

We look forward to welcoming all our members back and please know, that our BSF staff will keep pressing ourselves, to give you a safe and healthy environment, in which each of you can continue to experience, one of the best parts of your day!

Welcome Back!

Yours in Fitness, Sport & Adventure,


April 6th, 2021

Hello Big Sky Fitness Community,

Well, the punches keep coming and we will all need to dig a little bit deeper (once again), to continue persevering!!!

The provincial government held a press conference this afternoon and, unfortunately, due to an increasing infection rate, hospitalizations, ICU admittances and the continuing growth of the multiple variants, we are being moved back to Stage 1.
This means that all we can offer is the same household, one on one training with one of Big Sky’s licensed PT trainers. The exact same procedures that we began with in early February. All sessions must be booked in advance with your respective trainer.

All GF classes and individual member club access is now not permitted again.

There was NO definitive timeline given on how long this shutdown period will be, but the government did state that new guidelines, tied to vaccine inoculation thresholds will be made public shortly. Once we know, we will let you know.

As was the case with the other two previous shutdowns, all member accounts will be frozen effective, Wednesday, April 7th. NO MEMBER WILL BE CHARGED DURING THIS ADDITIONAL CLOSURE PERIOD.
Should you require anything, have any questions, please email us at: [email protected] and we will be back to you within 24-48 hours.

Lastly, we normally have a one-time introductory PT package for new, first time Big Sky members. We are going to open these 3 pricing packages to ALL Big Sky members during this shutdown period, should you wish to train with a PT trainer.

If you are interested or have any questions – please email our Director – Personal Training, Mr. Daniel Mills at: [email protected] and he will be happy to assist you.

In closing, we will be sure to keep our BSF community updated with any changes that occur to current restrictions and any updated GF classes, as they occur. Until then, Thank-you, Thank-you, for your continued support of Big Sky Fitness! It truly means the world to all of us!

Yours in Fitness, Sport & Adventure,

Team Big Sky