Silver Springs Schedule

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Silver Springs Class Descriptions

Crank It!: 45 minutes of cycle.

Spin Strong: 60 minutes. Join us for a great spin workout that focuses on technique, proper form, safety and getting the best cardiovascular ride an hour can provide. Get physically and mentally strong with all the varied types of drills trained in this class. This class is for all levels of riders so come prepared to grow your fitness level as you spin strong!

Bootcamp: A series of resistance training and cardio drills designed to target the major muscle groups of the body. Weekly schedule offers both a 45-minute class and a 60-minute class.

HIT Plus: A 45-minute class comprised of high intensity interval training. A fast-paced workout for intermediate to advanced fitness levels.

Tabata Blast: This class combines a variety of cardio and weight-bearing exercises with a 2:1 work-to-rest ratio, which increases metabolism and fitness levels in a short amount of time.

Step It Up: A choreographed 60-minute class using an elevated platform. Fun for the mind and great for aerobic training.

Step and Strength: The best of both classes rolled into one. Step choreography combined with a variety of free weights, bodyweight exercises and other equipment to improve your cardio, strength and balance.

Simplified Step: Designed for the less experienced stepper — simple, easy-to-follow choreography.

Easy Variations: Easy paced and functional fitness for beginners, pre/postnatal moms and seniors. Includes cardio, strength and flexibility/relaxation exercises.

Body Ball: A variety of moves using the stability ball as well as weights for strength and cardio improvement.

Complete Mix: Everything you want in one hour. 25 minutes of hi-lo cardio, 25 minutes of strength and core, followed by 10 minutes of stretching and flexibility practice.

Power Mix: A strength conditioning workout for your entire body using a mix of equipment, such as free weights, barbells, body bars, gliders, and more.

Kick Mix: A mix of boxing, kickboxing, and various martial arts-inspired moves to take your cardio fitness to the next level.

Mind-Body Mix: A blend of Barre, Pilates, yoga, stretching and more. These classes will strengthen your inner mental focus by concentrating on muscular movements and developing the synchronization of movements with breathing patterns.

Yoga: Various disciplines of yoga for all levels. A few of the many benefits of yoga include reducing stress, perfecting your posture, increasing your focus and improving balance, strength and flexibility.

Barre Fitness: A low-impact, energizing, and effective workout that fuses ballet, yoga and Pilates postures (sometimes using light weights) focusing on strength training, combining high reps of small range-of-motion movements. This total body conditioning technique will bum calories, strengthen and lengthen muscles, and build grace and flexibility.

Zumba: This exciting Latin-based dance class will get your heart pumping and bring out your inner mamacita!

Zumba Toning: Let the fun music of Zumba move you while you shake and lift your way to a firmer, leaner body with the use of light weights or “toning sticks”.