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July 27th, 2020
CTV Calgary News came down to Big Sky Fitness to check us out and report on the state of fitness gyms in Calgary. Glad to help inform the public and set the standard for Gym Safety and Decontamination protocols that others can follow.
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Big Sky Fitness wants to send long-time Sport Performance Training client Brayden Point a huge congratulations for his amazing week in the NHL Playoffs, scoring two winning overtime goals.

Brayden started working with Big Sky at 11 years old under our old NSD (National Sports Development) brand, with Sports Performance Coach, Jeff Hope-Ross. 

We love seeing his success, and the various goals that all our Big Sky members achieve.

Keep up the great work Brayden!


Hello Big Sky Community,

As you may have heard / read - The City of Calgary has implemented a mandatory face mask bylaw, requiring the wearing of masks within public facilities. We wanted to let you know how this will affect your visits, to Big Sky Fitness, effective August 1, 2020.

The bylaw states that “Calgarians are to wear a face covering in indoor public spaces”. Although there is an exemption for people while they are exercising, it specifically outlines that in gym settings, people are to wear a mask when entering and moving around the facility, before and after their workout (such as in the front lobby and change rooms). As such, we are asking our members to follow this bylaw at Big Sky and wear a mask while entering the club and moving around to your various workout areas / studios.

NOTE: There are $50 fines for citizen non-compliance and much steeper ones for businesses.

We understand there is much controversy surrounding this decision by City Council. As a business that has worked extremely hard to open when allowed and to remain open - while doing everything possible to keep our staff and members safe. We do not have the luxury to dispute these guidelines being set out for us by the city. We will always do everything in our power to provide safe and sanitized spaces, for you to continue your personal fitness workouts / training. Our team members have impressed us so much (As always, they are truly amazing, with their commitment to our members!) and want nothing more than to remain open and ensure the new normal still offers you the freedom to use the club, in the ways that you choose and have grown accustomed to. Thank you for taking care of our teams on your visit and not asking them to debate these rules with you. They are following the City mandate, and as they have been instructed and trained to do – For EVERYONE’s safety!

Yours in Fitness, Sport & Adventure,

Big Sky Fitness Management Team

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